Our Services 



We do all kinds of Body Piercings using metals such as: 14kt Gold, Implant grade titanium and Stainless steel 316L.  Invictus Titanium Jewelry, Neometal, BVLA are some of the companies that we carry 


Among many others. We like to offer to our customer a large variety of styles, sizes and designs on the first initial piecing due we understand that we are all different anatomically and that we all have different needs. 


Ear Piercing is a medical procedure. Worldwide, most ear piercings are performed on children as a first time piercing experience. Our GentlePierce for kids program is specifically designed for children to have the best possible piercing experience. Our sterilized Medical Grade Titanium piercing earrings are designed to avoid metal allergies and skin sensitivity. 



At Tribu, we know that each customer is different. Your unique needs and preferences are taken into account when transforming the jewelry you like into the jewelry you love. We provide Jewelry Appraisal with the purchase of any piece from our collection, so it works perfectly for you. Let us know what your needs are, so we can make them match your purchase.